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Filofax: Staying Organized in 2014

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Based on some feedback by my readers [a poll running this month], a lot of you are interested in seeing more Filofax posts. You're in for a treat today! I'll be sharing some add-on inserts that I found while getting my planners ready for the new year :)

The set-up I used for 2013 in my A5 Original worked great. I had a super organized and productive year! So I'm not changing anything about my arrangement. [Take a peek Inside My A5 Original.] But this year I'm adding some handy inserts that I wish I had last year. It'll make staying organized that much easier...

Filofax: Ready for 2014

Today I'll be sharing some inserts that I added to my BLOG, PROJECTS, & HOUSEHOLD sections. I printed all of them at-home, using the A5 printer setting and  A5 paper that I cut from 8.5x11 sheets. To save on printing costs, I used only black ink. [I bring color into my pages with pretty pens, washi tape, and stickers.] They were all hand-punched [the hard way!]. If you have any recommendations on a paper puncher, I'd love to hear it! Looking to invest in one that punches Personal & A5...

...Now onto the good stuff!


Following are a few inserts that I needed to keep track of my blog planning. Last year I used a seperate notebook... and it worked fine. But for 2014, it only made sense to have all of that info here in my A5 Filofax. Everything together all in one place... and no need to carry around another book!


2014 Filofax: Weekly Blog Planner Insert

"Weekly Blog Planner" by

I use this insert to plan my weekly blog posts. I don't like my planners to be too bulky, so right now, I only printed up a single month's worth of pages. I also want to see how I like them before printing out a large batch.


2014 Filofax: Blog Planner Inserts

2014 Filofax: Blog Planner Inserts

"BLOG PLANNER" Inserts from One Tough Mother

These inserts were available for free until 12/31/13. [More info available in the link above.] They're pretty self-explanatory but incredibly handy and helpful. I printed all three pages double-sided to test them out. What's fun about printing your own inserts is being able to easily change things up. Next month I may give some other Blog Planner inserts a try. There are so many different designs and styles available for FREE!


The same notebook that I used for my blog planning last year, I also used for my Project Life planning. Sketches. Layouts. Notes. Details. Ideas. I knew this year I wanted to include all of that stuff in my A5 Filofax, eliminating the need to carry around another book.


2014 Filofax: Project Life Planner

2014 Filofax: Project Life Planner

2014 Filofax: Project Life Planner

"PROJECT LIFE JOURNAL" by Kelly Waterman

These inserts are really great! Definitely my favorite find! All of the details that I keep track of when planning my PL pages are right there on a single page. I have a place for my sketch, daily note sections, an "idea" box, and it even fill-ins for the current week and dates. There's also a seperate monthly calendar with the weeks marked. So fabulous! If I need to add any other specifics for the week, I'll use a sticky note or transparent flags.


I added a couple of new sheets to this section of my A5. These help track some details about our household's finances. Last year, I had various notes on separate stickies for each month. Now all of the important information is right here all on one sheet.


2014 Filofax: Bill Planner Printable


I printed double-sided here. All 12 months fit perfectly on one sheet. Now all of the details about our household's bills and payments are right here. Very handy!


One of my 2014 Goals. I found an incredibly simple challenge to help kick off our new plan! 

2014 Filofax: 52 Week Money Saving Challenge

This is such a great chart for understanding how very little is needed to start building for our financial future. A simple money saving challenge that our family is excited for! We're on a mission to make this project a success. [I use a pink highlighter to mark off my weeks.]

2014 Filofax: Staying Organized - Add-On Inserts

That's all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed my post and found a few new things along the way :) Have you seen the inside of my  A5 Original, yet? Here is my Personal Domino. Don't forget about my weekly layouts! You can find all of them here. I also embarked on a new journey! See what I'm doing with 365/30 Lists. Looking for more planner inspiration? Browse my "Filofax Addict" pinboard on Pinterest. 

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Are you using a planner to organize your life? Have you used any of these inserts? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? I'd love to hear it! Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Crystal, love all the things you are posting! Did you use regular printer paper (8x5x11) for the PL planner and how did you size it? I am finally starting PL using a 6x8 album for this year and wanted to fit these in my personal Filofax too!! Please help me size it! Thank you again! xxo

    1. Thanks Tara! I apologize for the hiatus and delay in my reply back to you. Life has be crazy... and exciting lately!

      Yes... I used standard printer paper for my PL planner. I cut the paper to size before printing and adjust my printer setting to print A5.

      You did! How awesome :) I'm so happy you finally got that started! I would love to see pics!


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