Here is a Collection of Photos Gathered From The Pages of My Daybooks - Feel free to ask me any questions you have about these pages. I love the feedback! 

*You can also find individual, detailed blog posts of my books in my "archives" as well as under the topic "Daybook." 

February 2013

The Cover
Title Page
Day 1: Then & Now
Day 2: Family Fun - Part 1
Day 2: Family Fun - Part 2
Day 3: 14 Years of Love Songs
Day 4: A New Fave Photo
Day 5: Welcome to My Blog
Day 6: 10 Things I Love About You
Day 7: Happy Mail
Day 8: A Moment in Time
Day 9: Hauls
Day 10: 14 Years of Memories
Day 11: Lil Miss Kiani
Day 12: I Heart Being a Girl
Day 13: Love is Everywhere
Day 14: Valentine's Day - Part 1
Day 14: Valentine's Day - Part 2
Day 15: Chick Flick Marathon
Day 16: Crafty Girl
Day 17: Sundays
Day 18: Sweet Treats
Day 19: Meet Candy... My Cameo
Day 20: Rainy Day
Day 21: Honu Love
Day 22: Me + You = Love
Day 23: "Currently"
Day 24: Hello Project Life
Day 25: Love Letters
Day 26: The Greatest Gift
Day 27: Mini Instax Love
Day 28: Words of Wisdom

Summer 2012

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