Friday, November 22, 2013

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original

Happy Aloha Friday! I'm super excited for today's post :) I've had so many requests for a peek into my A5 Original Filofax and how I use it with my Personal Domino. And after a couple of months of continued use, I'm finally ready to introduce her...

WARNING: This is a photo-heavy post, so if you're not ready to stay for a while I would suggest "pinning" or bookmarking my blog ;)

What I love most about Filofaxes is the quality... and the quality of my Original A5 is amazing! I seriously couldn't stop smelling the smooth beautiful leather. I also love all of the fun colors and styles available!  When I saw this hot pink fluorescent planner online, I had to have it! I'm so incredibly thankful for a hubby who totally gets me. He purchased this baby off my wishlist as a 14 year anniversary gift! Love him! I have to say that being able to see it, and feel it, and smell it in person is truly a dream come true.

My planner wouldn't really be me without some personalization and customization. For me, one of the greatest joys of owning a Filofax is being able to make it my own. In this post, you will see how I transformed the inside of my A5 Original...

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Introduction

This is the view I see every time I open my planner. Using the fluorescent pink cover as inspiration, I filled my A5 with bright pops of color and fun elements. My Original makes me happy. It inspires me and motivates me to use it! I actually get things done!! Isn't that the reason why we buy these things anyway? If your planner isn't doing that for you, I think a change is in order.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Front Pocket

At the moment, I'm not using the pen loops for anything. I just have a decade old photobooth pic of my boo and I tucked  into the center strap and secured with a Daiso magnetic clip. In the credit card slots I have a washi-wrapped card, and a business card to my favorite little online shop Paper Addict. [Check out my girl Cathy V.'s blog too! She's very inspiring.]

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Front Pocket Holds Stickers

Inside the front pocket of my planner I have a stack of kawaii diary/calendar stickers. I purchased these online from amazon and cool pencil case. The heart and star sheets were gifted to me by a friend and are also really great for Filofaxing.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | The Dashboard

This Paper Addict chevron dashboard, gifted to me by Cathy V., has been personalized with some neon label stickers from Target's dollar bins. I layered the cassette tape with a small neon Avery label sticker and some glitter Recollections number stickers to mark the year.

Following the flyleaf, I chose a bright and fun glittery butterfly design. It peeks through the clear dashboard beautifully. I also added a super cute Korilakkuma paper clip [from cool pencil case] to the front, guaranteed to bring a smile to my face every time I see it. Just a little introduction to the cuteness that follows...

Filofax: Inside My A5 | An Eclectic Mix of Handmade Dividers

Those plain and boring dividers that came with my Filo had to go! Using them as a template, I traced each one onto a fun mix of double-sided papers from my stash. I chose a variety of designs from different collections and labeled each one with a Dymo label. I decorated them with Project Life filler cards, cool paper clips, washi tape, and one with a Hello Kitty cutout. I still have a few more left to play around with! They really are blank canvases waiting for your creative touch.


And here they are...

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Divider

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Year Calendar

I have all of my calendar and diary pages here, starting with the year calendar insert from Filofax. I mark off each month with those neon star stickers that I keep in the front pocket. An i-clip holds my calendar pages together for easy reference.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Color Key

I pretty much use the same color-coding system that I do in my Personal Domino, with a few minor adjustments. It makes things so much easier, especially when you're working in two different books. 

I made a "key" using a mailing tag and my favorite pens. I added subjects that I wanted to focus on, and wrote each one in a specific color. I don't have the need for my "key" anymore, so I attached it to a clip at the front of my Calendar section.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | MO2P Inserts

Next comes my monthly calendar pages. I'm using No. 2101-2013 MO2P inserts by Paige Paigen. I really enjoy the layout of these inserts. The little column on the left is especially handy! With my color-coding system in mind, I use these pages to jot down quick little notes about certain things. Some of them will then be added to my diary pages in more detail.

Filofax: Inside My A5 | WO1P Inserts

Last in the section are my WO1P diary inserts. Here I'm using No. 2015-2013 by Paige Paigen. The main reason I wanted an A5 is because my Personal FF was getting too crowded with all of the details I like to keep track of, especially my diary pages. It took me a while to get used to having my week on a single page. I didn't think I'd have enough room for everything. But now that I've been using them for a while, space doesn't appear to be a problem, even on my busiest weeks!

I have another Paper Addict dashboard [which I customized] sitting right between my weeks. It's a great place for important notes.  At the end of each week, I post my recent completed pages here on my blog. You can find all of my layouts here. Did you miss my last Filofax post? Check out Week 46.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Customizing My Planner

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Divider

This is the section where I do all of my blog planning. It holds ideas, inspiration, and lists. Before the end of the year, I'm hoping to find a good set of "Blog Planner" printables to include here. But until then, what I have now is just fine.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Target Notepads Into Inserts

I've been collecting and hoarding a stash of Target's dollar note/task pads for over a year! I always pick them up whenever I find new designs. Although I couldn't use them until now because they were too big for my SMASH* books and Personal Filofax, I knew there had to be a good reason why I stocked up on 'em! With just a handy hole puncher, they fit PERFECTLY into my A5 :D I use them in the next few sections of my planner...

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | "Blog" Section

I'm using the other side of my "Blog" divider as a dashboard. I added a colorful label and attached a large neon notepad. This is a great place for ideas and other things I want to keep track of. I also included sheets of paper from the fun notepads I found at Target. I love the way the different sizes of paper look...

I do my blog planning using a large "tablet" notepad that I picked up for $.97 from Walmart. I separate my notes with pretty paperclips, and add extra details with stickies.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Divider

This is the section that I go to for inspiration. It holds projects and ideas from all aspects of my life. Anything that I'm currently working on is here on paper.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | "Projects" Section

Again I used the other side of my divider as a dashboard, and added a Martha Stewart label to the top. You can see a couple of sticky notes there with some current project info. Next, I have another Paper Addict flyleaf, to which I added some large neon post-its and a sticky grid pad by Avery. I keep a handmade magnetic clip [gifted to my by a friend] here in case I need it.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Notepads as Notepaper Inserts

In this section I have more fun notepaper from my collection of paper pads. I include lists, task paper, and notepaper here.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Divider

I use this section to keep track of my family's stuff. Financial details, chore lists, meal planning, household notes, etc. Not the "funnest" subject in my planner, so I made sure to add lots of personal touches and pieces of motivation and inspiration.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Art

Here I used my double-sided divider as a dashboard. I added some washi for decoration and a Martha Stewart label. Important sticky notes go here, so whenever I open this section of my planner they are easily visible and not forgotten.

Next I have a colorful zentangle art piece that I created. It's very fitting for this section of my planner! I mounted it on black cardstock, punched holes, and decorated it with inspirational words and reinforcement stickers. It makes me smile just looking at it and brightens any stressful day I'm having :)

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Elements

I'm using the back side of my art piece as another dashboard. More inspirational words and reinforcement stickers decorate it. I added a couple of cheerful sticky notes to write "The Details." Following that is a handmade string-tie envelope [that I customized to 4x6 size to fit in my A5]. You can find the DIY here. I use it to hold important pieces of ephemera like receipts, tags, cards, etc.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Notepads Turned Filofax Inserts

In this section I have more notepaper from my stack of notepads. The ones I have here are perfect for "household" use, like the weekly meal planner and to do list. I also included some pretty paper for my shopping lists and personal notes.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Divider

This section I have for general note taking. It has all of the Filofax notepaper that came with my A5, along with some sheets from my personal collection. Long and detailed notes that aren't about any specific subjects go here.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Kawaii Pen Loop

I also keep my clear Filofax dashboard in this section. To it, I added a couple of cute sticky notepads and attached my Korilakkuma pen loop from cool pencil case. It has an adorable Hello Kitty pen that a friend RAK'D me.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Handmade Divider

I won't be going into too much detail about this section. It holds random papers and inserts that came with my Filofax, like my registration number, weights & measurements, notable dates, temperature guide, etc.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Zipper Pouch

Inside the large zipper pouch that came with my A5, I keep a variety of Martha Stewart, Daiso, and other Avery label stickers. It isn't even full... that handy pouch can hold quite a bit!

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Customized Notepad

Sure... the notepad that comes with The Original A5 is great to have. But I made mine pretty too! See how I customized my Filofax notepad here. It's the perfect way to add a personal touch to your planner!

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Charms

One of the easiest ways to personalize your Filofax is with charms. I think of them like jewelry, changing 'em out depending on my mood. They're so much fun and a simple way to showcase your style! I have a hand painted "rainbow" charm that my Aunt got me in Hawaii when I was a child, along with a Hawaiian Hello Kitty that I picked up from Sanrio years ago. I also have a set of Hawaiian charms that a friend made me.

Filofax: Inside My A5 Original | Sneak Peek at "Holidays" Section

With it being the holiday season, I included a special section in my A5 Original for my Holiday Planner. Next week, I'll being showing you what's inside and how I use it. So stay tuned!

[NOW LIVE: My 2013 Holiday Planner]

Well that's all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed my Filofax post :) I apologize for the lengthy article... I figured I would do something different with this one and knock it out all in one post. If you haven't yet, check out my Personal Domino [2 Parts], which is a companion to this planner. Don't forget about my weekly layouts! You can find all of them here. If you're looking for more planner inspiration, feel free to browse my "Filofax Addict" pinboard on Pinterest.

You can stay updated on my recent posts, projects, and photos by following me on instagram, or by "liking" my fan page on Facebook. So why not head over there now and show some love...

Are you obsessed with planners and organizing your life? A fellow Filofax addict? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? I'd love to hear them! Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Mahalo for stopping by!


  1. That looks amazing! I have an identity personal filofax which I'm working on. :-)

    1. Thank you, Emma :) That sounds wonderful! Have fun ♡

  2. I love everything! Your handwriting is so cute, I love the stickers... your personality really shows through! That's my favorite part of filofax! :) keep it up!

  3. I'm so glad I clicked the link from the FB page! I love this post and the fact that you took the time to lay it out step by step and you showed all of the deco goodies! Love everything about this. It's so inspiring! Now I'll open up my filo and organize a bit more, because that task is never done. =) Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Mod Candy! I'm so happy you enjoyed my post :D Have a great time Filofaxing! Hope to hear from you again soon...

  4. Wow! That's is one cool looking planner. Love the Hello Kitty. I never really knew about Hello Kitty until my granddaughter got old enough to appreciate it. She's four and everything is Hello Kitty - hair bows, earrings, necklaces, shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, etc. Now I have Hello Kitty radar.

    1. Thanks so much! I adore Hello Kitty ♡ She's one of my childhood loves. I have a 4 year old daughter that inherited my love for Hello Kitty. So I know exactly what you mean. She is EVERYWHERE in our house! It's so much fun being able to bond over something so special.

      I hope Hello Kitty brings you as much joy as it does your granddaughter :D Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts with me today!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you MySummerTouch! I'm happy you liked it :D

  6. Well I have ordered me the A5 Flour Orange, because I watched your video where you got yours and did the unveiling of yours. Had to have the flouro. I haven't received it yet. By next Thursday I'm hoping. Anyway I love your set up and it's so cheerful. I can't wait to get mind and dive in.
    Keep up the good work and this great blog...

  7. Hi! :-) LOVE your planner and I'm thinking about buying one. Quick question - the metal on button to snap the strap looks like a mix of pink and what else? Is that gold or silver? I can't tell. Please help.



    1. Hi B! Thank you so much :) The metal button on my A5 Original is silver and pink! It's one of my favorite little details on this planner <3


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