Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Printables: May

Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. If you are familiar with my blog, you know that every month I print up a big batch of printables to add to my SMASH* and Project Life journal card stash. And it is about that time again! 

Over the last month I've scoured the internet and downloaded and saved tons of amazing free printables to be printed at-home. I really love doing this once a month in big batches! Printing this way 1) allows me to save money on ink and paper. 2) makes me use my stash each month because I'm not printing every new thing(s) I find each day. 3) is much easier dealing with one large batch at a single time (rather than printing, trimming, and cutting everyday I find something I like).

If you are new to at-home printing, and it's something you are interested in but never thought you could do, I encourage you to check out this post. It's chock full of helpful tips for printing at-home, as well as ideas to start your own printable collection to use for Project Life or SMASH*. If you missed out on last month's Printable post, you can find it here. Need a good place to find more printables? Check out my "SMASH* & PL" and "Printables" boards on Pinterest. There you'll find hundreds of links to free printables, along with DIY's, ideas, and inspiration for everything SMASH* and Project Life.


When it comes to printables, I look for new designs and different things to add to my collection each month. For this most recent batch I searched for and focused on specific types of cards. I know that the last few months, I've been using and destashing a lot of  my 4x6's. So it's definitely time to restock those! In honor of this beautiful spring and soon-to-come summer season, I also kept an eye out for fun and colorful journal and filler cards. Since I am a Project Lifer, I'm always on the lookout for calendar cards to use in my album. And with my obsession for photography, I can never pass up on camera themed cards. 


I love to feature some of my great printable finds and today I'm so happy to share them here with you! As I searched Pinterest for colorful cards, I noticed that a lot of them had the same designs and color scheme. I thought together they would make a wonderful collection! The beautiful and bright palette of colors and fun sentiments are perfect for documenting the cheery spring and summer season.

My most favorite set of color cards came from the "Jump for Joy" Collection. The designs and colors from this set was the jumping off point to start my own "Cheery & Colorful" card collection. Many of the other cards I found work perfectly with this set! I obtained them from the "Jump for Joy Facebook Hop". These cards were just a bonus to the other amazing digital elements in the collection. The hop did end on the 22nd of April (with access to the full collection for free). But, you can keep an eye out at The Lily Pad Store for the release of this collaboration. Check out The Lily Pad's Facebook page to find the "Jump for Joy" post with a list of all the designers. Some of them may still have links on their FB page available so you can download their contribution to the collection. All it takes is a Facebook "Like."

"Jump for Joy" Cards
"Jump for Joy" Collection -----> "Like" The Lily Pad on Facebook to Get Started
"Color Inspiration 8" (80's Theme) ----> by Just Jaimee


I absolutely love using calendar cards in my Project Life album as well as in my SMASH* books! They are the perfect size for the 3x4 slots of photo pages. When I first started collecting these types of cards, there weren't many designs to choose from. Now I find them every month, with this month being extremely bountiful! They're so much fun to use for marking a specific day of the month or using as a reference for a particular week. I can't get enough of them!


I love finding new cards that have to do with photography! The ones I came across this month were mostly black and white with a touch of color. (This photo only shows a fraction of the cards that came in the full sets of these collections....there are so many more!) I paired the camera and snapshot themed cards with a few of the other black and white cards I found this month. The various cards from the Persnickety Prints set (the bright yellow ones) are so much fun! I think the "currently" cards are perfect to use every week in your Project Life album. I decided to print those out on white and Kraft cardstock for two totally different looks! And I especially love the "We Belong Together" set... it is so stinkin' cute!

That's all I have for you this month :) I really hope you enjoyed your time here today and found a few new printables along the way! If you see some cards that you like but I didn't feature it in today's post, don't worry. You can find all of these cards and hundreds more on my "SMASH* & PL" and "Printables" pinboards on Pinterest. Be sure to follow those boards because I find new stuff daily! Also make sure you are a follower of my blog to stay updated on my printable adventures....

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Are you a printable lover? Do you print at-home too? What do you like about it? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? Feel free to drop me a line. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Mahalo for stopping by!


  1. Not that I need any new cards, teehee. but these are great.
    And a great idea to print them up once a month.
    I think I will be getting some new printer ink and giving some of these a go.

    1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for following me and stopping by to share your thoughts :) How I see it is... don't print them if you don't need them, but they are always good to have in case you do ;)I do think with this most recent batch, I won't need more for a while. Just printing one big batch a month gives me enough printables for my own stash and extras to swap. The remaining ink covers my Project Life photos, household needs, etc. Sometimes one ink cartridge lasts me 2 months. I had to set an ink budget! Printing all the time was gettin' spendy...


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