Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Unboxing: Beauty Box 5 | June 2014

If you're a subscriber to any beauty boxes, you know how addicting they can be! Every month I stalk my postman for my packages ;) Despite both of my subscriptions being later than normal this month, the products inside were worth the wait! Take a peek to see my what I got last month from ipsy and BB5.

Beauty Box 5 is a $12- subscription service. Each month you get 5 deluxe/full-size samples delivered right to your door. In my experience, the value of these items usually exceeds the monthly cost of each box! It's such a fun way to test out new products you wouldn't normally purchase on your own, get great discounts on the products you try and love, and an awesome way to build your makeup collection!

This month's box was full of lots of wonderful goodies! BB5 does a really great job of offering a variety of beauty products from hair, makeup, and skincare. I don't ever feel like I'm getting too much of one specific type of product. So far, I also like how they've included organic/natural cosmetics and beauty care in every box. Not sure if that's normal for BB5...

Here is what my box consisted of:

Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse
$15.99 for 7.5oz / Sample: $3.90 for 1.83oz

I already buy these types of products for my naturally-curly Hawaiian hair, so I'm always happy to test out something new! This mousse doesn't leave your hair feeling "crunchy" like most of them do, and it smells so good. With this, my curls were defined, bouncy and frizz-free. This mousse is also infused with olive oil and Vitamin B which is said to nourish the hair while providing added moisture and shine.

Nicka K New York Nail Polish in Ripe Apple
$4.99 for .5oz / Sample: Full Size!

I'm such a nail polish junkie! I love getting bottles of it in my beauty boxes. It gives me the chance to try out new brands and trendy colors that I've never seen or heard of. BB5 sent me my very first Nicka K product [a lipstick] last month. And I'm so happy to try this polish too!

Sedona Lace Blender Brush
Retail Value: $8.95

This is the first "tool" I've received in a beauty box and my very first Sedona Lace makeup brush. I have to say that I'm impressed with BB5! I've heard about this brand before and was super excited to see this eyeshadow brush in my box! It's very high-quality and definitely my favorite item to date from Beauty Box 5.

Glam Natural Mascara
$28- for .25oz / Sample: Full Size!

For me, mascara is a must-have beauty product! I'm currently working on a tube of my favorite, and have a new one to test out after that one's gone. So this will have to wait a bit before I can try it out. Heck, I may even end up layering the different ones I have to see if can come up with a winning combination! The thing I love most about this mascara is that it's natural.

Eslor Skincare Foil Packets
$42- for 1oz / Sample: Free!

This is probably the most disappointing item I've ever gotten in a beauty box. I don't care for foil packets. They never provide you with enough product to really give it a good test run. Plus, these were on Eslor's website as a free sample that anyone can order. Why would someone want something in a paid subscription box that they can get for free on their own? They shouldn't have included this as one of my 5 items. It could have been a bonus or something!

Total Value of June's Box: $45.84
$12- Monthly Subscription

As you can see, this month was a high-value box even though it had some foil packets. I really shouldn't complain because I did get two full-size products + a makeup brush! Overall I think these types of beauty box subscription services are a really great value. And there are so many different ones out there! 

Don't forget to check out May's ipsy and BB5 unboxing, if you haven't already! And stay tuned because I'll be getting July's boxes very soon. I can't wait! It's such a lovely surprise each and every month. 

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