Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Easy Being Green

I've been eco-conscious as long as I can remember. As a child, I never threw anything away (not a packrat, but more of a keeper of mementos and sentimental items), and I also loved to re-purpose or reuse things. My semi "green" parents introduced me to organic and natural at a very early age. And believe me, they are far from Hippies ;)

So it doesn't surprise me at all, that as an adult with a family of my own, I've leaned toward a greener lifestyle. We do everything we can to leave this earth a better place for the future of our daughter and the generations that follow. I do my best to spread awareness, and I know that even just the littlest changes we make in our lives, will have a huge impact on our children's future.

Our family is far from being 100% "Green". We don't live off the grid, drive a Hybrid car, or live in an Eco-home that we designed. We are just an average, middle-class, ethnic American family, doing what we can to save our planet.

Here are some of the little things we do, that any family can easily incorporate into their lives:

-Buy Organic, Natural, and Earth Friendly
-Reduce What Goes into Landfills by Recycling & Reusing
-Thrifting, and Buying New Items Made From Recycled Content
-Green Cleaning, Switching to CFL Bulbs
-Ditch the Plastic Bags for Reusable Shopping Bags
-Give The Car a Break by Carpooling to Work, Taking Public Transportation, or Walking
All of these things will make a difference, and they aren't drastic lifestyle changes at all. Start with just a few things, and you'll see how easy it will be to do more. Can you imagine what the future would be like if every family committed to just changing one thing now to better our world later?

When it comes to cleaning my home, chemical cleaners are no where to be found. Why anyone would choose to expose their family to all of those toxic fumes is still very puzzling to me. In the beginning, I used to always purchase the earthy-friendly, green stuff. But I noticed they were always more expensive! Nowadays, "Being Green" isn't such a new concept, and there are quite a few affordable "green" choices when it comes to buying cleaners. But making my own was something I never thought I would do... It always seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Boy, was I wrong! This is coming from a Mommy who completely rid her house of all chemical cleaners and replaced only the essentials with homemade versions :)

Before the weekend is over, I'll be showing you how I make my own laundry soap! Yes, you heard me right! It's super simple to make, and I literally just ran out! [Find my Laundry Soap Recipe here.] You will use less soap without sacrificing cleanliness, save money by making it in large batches, and be totally amazed at how well it stands up to, if not surpasses, the conventional chemical detergents we all know.

Do you have a "green" family? What small changes have you made to your lifestyle? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


  1. Awesome Blog Crystal.....thanks for sending me your way :)
    cant wait to see all the goodies you post on

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca for stopping by and showing love! I just started this blog literally 2 days ago, so I have so much more to learn. It's going to be fun process! Thanks again for checking me out :)


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