Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Life: Hello 2013

I have to admit, that at any given time, I have about 2-3 different books I'm using to "Document Life". There's a journal full of personal thoughts and ideas, a handmade daybook (usually used to document a specific month or season), and a Smash* book (used year-round). I like the idea of having different books. I can choose which one I want to work in, depending on my mood and what I want to document.

We R Memory Keepers Album & Journal Cards and Free Printables

I'm using my journals pretty much as a log, documenting details of specific events, which I will later put into my books. They also hold my ideas and thoughts about my blog. When it comes to my other books, there are some days that I don't mind getting my hands dirty with glue and glitter. So I grab my Daybook or Smash* book to create something. But there are other days where I just want to grab a book, stick in some photos, jot down some details, and be done. That is how I discovered Project Life....

This style of "scrapbooking" naturally appealed to me. I don't know why I didn't start this system sooner. I already had a huge collection of free Project Life printables that I found and used for my Smash* and Daybooks. I also purchased 8 pads of We R Memory Keepers Journal Cards to use in those books. I figured since I already have all of this stuff, and it's the start of a new year, why not buy an album and use all of this awesome stuff as another outlet to put my memories to paper!

So here is the start of my 2013 Project Life Album...

Introduction & January (Page 1)

January was a crazy month for us, and I didn't document or photograph as much as I wanted to. So, my book isn't going to start at Week 1. It will start in January though, but with only one memorable day captured. (Good thing I took a lot of pics of that day!)

A Close-Up of a 6x6 Card I Used Like a Scrapbook Page

January (Page 2)

A Close-Up of Another 6x6 Journal Card

I didn't go into much detail either with the month of February, since I have a whole 28 page Daybook dedicated to documenting the month. I just chose to showcase only Valentine's Day in this album with a family pic and some journaling about our day.

February - Valentine's Day

I'm totally fine with how I'm starting this book. It may not begin at Week 1 and have only snippets of January and February, but I'm okay with that. I'm just happy that I started it! Better late than never, right? From March onward though, it'll be Week to Week. Especially since next month is my Birthday ;-)

One thing I've learned about myself (when it comes to "scrapbooking"), is that if I fall behind in something I sometimes give up. But with Project Life, I don't care if that happens. As long as I'm putting in those memories that are most important to me and my family, I'm happy that I'm including something. I  know that I don't have to document each and every little thing we do, but if I can and I do, that is okay too :) Because I would rather have a book full of some memories...than no memories documented at all.

In future Project Life posts, I'll be going into more detail about my pages and the supplies and processes I used to make them. Are you using Project Life to document your family's memories? What do you think about my book so far? Any thoughts, questions, or comments? Please let me know, I appreciate the feedback!

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