Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project Life: Week 24

Aloha! How are you enjoying this gorgeous weather? I know it's been about a week since my last post. But when the warm summer weather hits The Pacific NW, our family is usually out and about enjoying life. For the last couple of weeks, my little "islander" family has been soaking up the sun, enjoyed a road trip to our hometown, as well as welcomed out-of-town family to our happy home. There's so much to love about summer <3

I'm sad to say that I've fallen behind in Project Life...again. But I'm okay with that, because playing catch up isn't so hard. As long as I continue to snap photos and keep track of everything we do in my PL notebook, I can easily refer to it when I'm ready to work in my album for that particular week. 
Which brings me to my most recent layout...

Life Documented
June 9 - June 15

Week 24: Full Spread

This week was wonderful! From the fabulous happy mail I received to our 2nd family road trip of the year. It was full of such lovely memories. With summer being my most favorite season of the year, I really wanted to show the way it makes me feel. Which is why I choose such bright and cheery colors to document this week. It gave me a chance to mix it up a bit too. I played around with pretty papers, used some fun journal and filler cards, and I even got to try some new tricks!

Week 24: Left Page

The photo page I'm using here is the reverse side of a Becky Higgins Design A page from Week 23. Three of the four 6x4 cards are handmade. The title card is simply the back side of the double-sided handmade card from last week. I added a pretty tag and used some alphabet stickers to finish off that card. The pink 6x4 "notes" card is from Becky Higgins "Mayfield" mini kit.

For the row of 3x4 cards I used nothing but free printables. The instagram card, cut with my Silhouette Cameo, holds an instagram pic, of course. I chose a June card from one of my calendar card sets that matches the color theme I was going for this week. This particular one had a section to jot down a note or two at the bottom. The next card holds another instapic, and the last card is a fun filler card that I was excited to finally use.

Week 24: Close Up of my Amy Tangerine Card

This 6x4 card is one of my faves from this week. About 98% of the supplies used to make it are from Amy Tangerine's collections. I thought it was fitting since I'm showcasing a photo taken of some free goodies I got in the mail, which happen to be some of Amy's new tools. Love! I used a 6x6 sheet of pretty paper from my "Sketchbook" pad, and snipped 2" off the bottom. It created the perfect background where I added my photo and layered some leftover "Sketchbook" paper scraps. I used my new "Capture" embroidery kit to create the arrow, added one of Amy T's cute tags [stamped with her new rotary phrase stamp], and finished off the card with some pink twine and alphabet stickers. 

Week 24: A Road Trip Card

The last 6x4 card I'm showing you from this page is another one of my favorites. The many times we've made this drive to our hometown, I never actually knew the "technical" details of it. I thought it would be fun to document that. I went onto mapquest and typed in our starting point and final destination. I took a rectangular screenshot of the map, making sure to give myself enough room so I could add a tag and some alphabet stickers. Using the information provided by mapquest, I added the pertinent details directly to my tag.

Week 24: Right Page

Here I'm using a photo page from a generic set I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I love pairing this layout with Becky Higgins Design A, especially when I have lots of details to document. They work great and look great together. Three of the four 4x6 slots are filled again with handmade cards cut from 6x6 paper pads. I mixed up pretty patterns and colors from different collections. I filled them with various sized instagram pics and embellished them with cutout labels, a geotag, some dymo labels, and a collection of thickers and alphabet stickers.

The column of 4x3 slots holds more handmade cards with instagram pics and some alphabet stickers, an awesome free camera printable, and a cutout card of a map with a road trip sentiment from one of my 12x12 paper pad collections.

Week 24: A Fun Flip Card Using Washi Tape

I had some ephemera and extra pictures that I wanted to add to this layout, but I didn't have enough room. I didn't really have enough stuff for an add-on page either, so I decided to do a flip card. It was super simple to make, and the best solution to my problem! All I did was tape two cards together on one side using washi tape to create a hinge. One card is tucked into the slot, and the other is left out. For the outer card, I cut one of the 6x4 sections off an old school 6x12 insert from an old photo album, and used it to hold the cards from the other half of my new double-sided flip card. I added a tab [and a dymo label titled "Good Stuff"] to the outer card, so anyone browsing through my album knows that you can "flip" it. :)

Week 24: Journal Card with Colorful Stamped Detail

This last 4x6 card is a fun free printable and the perfect size to document our busy Saturday. It was originally meant to be used as a 6x4 card, but I flipped it and used it vertically instead. I left enough room on the bottom of the card for a fun stamp with complementing colors to the "Remember" sentiment, along with the date. It looks great, don't you think?

Well that's all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed my Project Life post! Want to take a look at my 2013 PL Album? You can find it here. Did you like some of the free printables I used in this week's spread? You can find them on either my "Smash* and PL" or "Printables/Templates" boards on Pinterest. Check it out!

Are you documenting 2013 with Project Life? Discovered any new techniques? I'd love to hear it! Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post. Please drop me a line. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Mahalo for stopping by!


  1. HI Crystal
    Thank you for your inspiration x
    I just got into Smash Booking and have used ur 100 things I Love and through ur blog spotted PL and started looking into it and love this idea. So I have started taking photos everyday from the start of this week and keeping a journal until I get my PL goodies, cant wait im so excited, but at the minute everywhere to buy PL is sold out so waiting on new stock coming in :)

    1. Hi Kezza! You are so very welcome :) And you're so sweet! I feel proud to inspire you both with Smashing & Project Life. I'm so happy you enjoy my blog <3

      When I first started doing Project Life the beginning of this year, I didn't have any actual "Project Life" supplies. A lot of what I used came off the internet for FREE! I have a huge collection of printables. You should check out the link to my "Smash* and PL" pinboard. You'll find lots of free goodies and inspiration.

      Also, there are other designers that make "Project Life" supplies. I have pads of journal cards by We R Memory Keepers and photo pages that I picked up from Target for dirt cheap. Michael's also carries PL supplies by other designers. I picked up a wonderful set of journal cards by MAMBI designed to fit pocket pages.

      I also make a lot of my own cards using my stash of SMASH* and scrapbooking supplies. Best thing about PL is that you can make it whatever you want. As long as you love it...

      I just wanted to throw some ideas out there for you while you are waiting on Becky Higgins stock to come in :)

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me! It really means a lot. Take care and I hope to hear about your new Project Life venture. Keep me updated!

    2. Your pl is awesome Crystal. I love everything you do. I am not doing pl, yet. I may do one next year, who knows. I still need to find time for all the other crafts floating around in my head, lol.
      Thanks for the freebies in your previous post :)

    3. Hi Kimberly! Thank you so much for your continued support in everything :) I'm so happy to have had the pleasure of knowing you these last 12 months or so. You're wonderful!

      I totally feel ya about all the other crafty stuff going on ;) I'm pretty surprised at myself for sticking with PL for this long, especially after it being only my first year and all. I'm so hooked on it that I haven't had the chance to dabble in my SMASH* and Daybooks much this year. That and dealing with a 4 year old!

      You're welcome. I'm glad you like them <3 Take care and see me again soon!

  2. I also love to scrapbook my family history. I just bought some more scrapbooking supplies with the family history theme. Just hope I get time to scrapbook soon.
    scrapbooking supplies

    1. Hi Amelia. I love it as well! Family is one of my favorite subjects to document :) Let them be old memories... or new. <3


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