Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smashbook: Ohana Love

Happy Wednesday! It's time for another post about an old spread in my pretty pink Smashbook. I've decided to share some of my old creations since I haven't had much time to SMASH* this year, due to Project Life. 

When it comes to our family, there is nothing more important than ohana. And this Summer, we've done a lot of traveling back and forth to visit our loved ones down in Portland. I thought I would share an old spread about a visit from our family last summer. This will give me a chance to document all the new trips our family takes this season. I already have some ideas. So when I'm all caught up with PL, have extra time to myself, and get my SMASH* mojo back, I can finally do another spread!

"Ohana Love" - Left Side

These pages were inspired by my family, of course. And I knew I wanted to keep it pretty simple. So I flipped through my book for pages that weren't too busy because I wanted to add rub-ons and do some stamping. The color and design of this set of pages worked with the color scheme of my elements, as well as the photos.

For the left page, I started by picking out some instagram photos from our weekend. I had a few of them I wanted to include, so it made sense to print them smaller [wallet-size]. I arranged them on my page and added a printable journal spot, which I used as a frame for one of the photos. For journaling, I wrote directly on the page and I also used scraps of Hawaiian themed scrapbook paper as journal tags.

My embellishments for the page include a pretty cardstock flower [by K&Company from a set that I received in a happy mail package from a friend], a handmade instagram camera [created by my girl Cathy V.], and some fun alphabet stickers [by K&Company called "Animal Tales"] for the title. Super sweet and simple, and doesn't take away from the story of my photos.

"Ohana Love" - Right Page

I had lots of fun with the right side and incorporated a few different elements. Again, I laid everything out first to make sure it all fit and that everything was easily visible once put together. I was really excited to finally use an "Ohana" quote tag that I received from a friend in a happy mail package. [She knew how much I love Lilo & Stitch, and my family ;)] It's the perfect addition to these pages! I also added an old family photo right next to the tag.

"Ohana Love" - A Repurposed Window Envelope Turned Pocket

I really wanted to include an idea inspired by Pinterest to this page. I'm all for re-purposing and recycling, so when I came across a pin about reusing an old window envelope as a pocket, I had to give it a try! It's the perfect little pocket to hold some old family photos, a "guest check" (used as a journal card) talking about our family lunch together at a local restaurant, and the drink tickets from lunch. I put everything inside the pocket first and made sure that the placement was correct before I adhered it to the page. I didn't want any of the ephemera to block the photo at the top.

"Ohana Love" - A Journal Card with Washi Tape Used as a Photo Log

Sometimes I forget the details of specific photos, and I don't like writing on the back of them. Since these pictures are so old, I thought I would create a "photo log" to stick in the pocket to help me remember. I added washi tabs directly to each photo, using a different design for each one. The tabs serve two purposes. First off, it makes it much easier to pull the photos out of the pocket. This way, my 4-year-old (who loves flipping through my book and interacting with the different elements) doesn't tear the pocket apart trying to dig things out. Secondly, the different designs of washi on each tab is used to mark specifics of each photo on my "photo log." I just tore off a tiny strip of each design, added it to a small journal card, and wrote down the details.

"Ohana Love" - Full Spread

To finish off this spread I used some 'memories' and 'travel' themed rub-on's, as well as a pretty flower to fill an empty space. But this spread wouldn't be complete without an "aloha" sentiment from a favorite rubber stamp. I really love the way these pages turned out! It represents my culture and everything important to me. It's full of memories, both old and new. It's my way of SMASH*ing....

I really hope you enjoyed today's post and leave here feeling inspired to create something beautiful in your book. Would you like to take a peek into my pretty pink Smashbook? You can find it here. Looking for more SMASH*ing inspiration? Check out my "Smash* & PL" pinboard on Pinterest. Along with inspiration, you'll find hundreds of links to free printables, DIY's, How-To's, tips, and ideas for everything SMASH*. Be sure to follow that board because I find new stuff daily!

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Are you a SMASH*er? What is your favorite subject to document? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? Feel free to drop me a line. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

Mahalo for stopping by!

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