Monday, September 9, 2013

Filofax: Week 36

Happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend :) As for me, I sure got a lot done! I have some really fun stuff planned for my blog this month, so be sure to follow me here on Blogger to stay updated on my recent posts. Hint: I have something awesome coming up soon...

In case you missed last week's layout, you can find it here. This week was another busy one! With the help of my color-coding system, I'm didn't have a problem staying on top of things. As you can see, I write down everything. From blog planning and crafty projects to personal notes and family trips. Writing out all of the details is what really helps me to stay organized.

Filofax: Week 37 | Full Spread

Penmanship and handwriting is a passion of mine that I love including in my planner. I enjoy playing around with different fonts when adding specifics to my week. Since I don't own one of those cool checklist stamps, I make-do with what I have and hand-draw my little checkboxes. It totally works for me and looks just as cool!

To decorate this week's pages, I stuck with the usual washi tape on the top and bottom of each page. I really like the monochromatic color scheme of the gray & white tape with the colorful writing from my color-coding system. I used gray chevron washi by Studio G on the top and cut them into a banner shape, and a special edition potty people tape for the bottom of the pages. The only other things I added to the spread was a Hello Kitty anchor cutout and a camera image from my tiny calendar stamp set. Not much room for anything else...

The WO2P inserts I'm using are by Cathy V. of Paper Addict. You can download them here. What I love most about these pages is how roomy they are, especially the weekend sections, and that it starts on Sunday.

Filofax: A Sneak Peek at My Current Week

I hope you enjoyed my Filofax post! If you would like to see my previous layouts, you can find them here. Looking for more planner inspiration? Check out my "Filofax Addict" pinboard on Pinterest!

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Remember that "Hint" I talked about at the beginning of this post? Take a peek at some of the goodies I'll be including in a giveaway [launching at the end of the month] across all of my social networking sites. Just trying to spread the aloha!

My Mega-Haul | Some of These Goodies Will Be in My Giveaway!
Are you a Filofax/Planner addict? Have a system the works for you? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? Please let me know. Your feedback is much appreciated and always welcome!

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  1. Loving all your posts... not a filofax owner but I may be soon, thanks to you :)

    1. Thanks Amy :) I'm so happy you enjoy them! I'm sorry to be an enabler ;-) Organization has always been a strong suit my whole life. Regularly keeping a personal planner/organizer just helps to make the whole process easier... and stylish.

      If this type of system works for you, I say go for it! Make it your own, love it, and use it (: If my pages weren't pretty to look at, I wouldn't be inspired and motivated to use it. If you enjoy my pages, you will love yours even more! Functional and fun :)

      Let me know when you start your Filo adventure. I would love to hear about it and answer any questions if they come up...

  2. I've made my own planner for the last couple of years and it works perfectly for me, but I LOVE to look around and get new ideas for next years planner...and yours are so inspiring, so thank you so much for sharing :)

    1. Hi Thanni! That's awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me (:


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