Thursday, September 26, 2013

Printables: September

Hello :) It's about that time again for my favorite monthly post... Printables! And I have a great batch to share with you today! In case you missed last month's post, you can find it here. Or feel free to check out all of my "Printables" posts! There are plenty of fabulous things to be found...

If you are familiar with my blog, you know I'm obsessed with printables. I use them in all of my books. From my SMASH* & Daybooks to Project Life and my Filofax! I take full advantage of all the wonderful freebies floating around on the internet! If you aren't familiar with printables, or it's something that you have been meaning to look into, I strongly urge you to read this post. You'll find helpful hints and tips for at-home printing as well as simple ways to save money doing it!

Each month I'm on the lookout for specific cards and printables to add to my collection. It was all about Filofax freebies last month, but today I'll be sharing some awesome finds that can be used in all of your books!

I was running low on ink, but at the same time I needed more filler and journal cards to restock both sizes in my stash. So this month I decided to scour the internet for some cool black & white cards and printables. Not only did I find some fabulous stuff, but I was also able to save colored ink by printing those files as "Black Ink Only." But since I am a colorful person, I had to add pops of color in there too! I did that with some fun elements and word art. Now onto the goodies...

Printables: September | Black & White
Set 1 [Far Left]: 3x4 Project Life Cards by Just Izzy
Set 2 [Center]: Chalkboard Life Cards by My Thoughts Exactly
Set 3 [Far Right]: Black & White by KLDezign

I specifically chose these cards to use in my Project Life album. There was such a great mix of journalers and fillers! I didn't print any, but the Just Izzy cards also has some 4x6 designs in this set available for free download. I really love the Chalkboard cards though, and decided to print out both sizes available. I also printed out some of the sets on Kraft cardstock for a totally different look. The black ink really pops! Have you tried a using a white gel pen on Kraft paper? It's one of my favorite techniques and looks amazing! If you are really dying for some color, you can easily add it using colorful ink and pens to journal with, or even through embellishments. 

Printables: September | by Miss Tiina
Bottom Right: Any Day Journal Cards

Miss Tiina was the designer that started my free printables obsession over a year ago. I'm a huge fan of her designs and own and use all of her freebies! My favorite stuff is definitely her "collections." She has a few different ones, each consisting of various styles of cards in both 4x6 and 3x4 sizes. This particular black and white collection has 90 individual cards with simple designs and styles. There are cards with grid backgrounds, quotes, lists, writing prompts, word art, lined journalers, and fun fillers. Then she added even more cards like the Good Life and Any Day journal cards that complement the collection. I went ahead and printed one of those sets on Kraft cardstock too!

Printables: September | Typography
"Someday" Quote via tumblr
"Dr. Seuss" Quote via Pinterest
"LOVE" Word Art by Nina Hunter
"Kindness" Quote via tumblr
"Life is like..." via Pinterest
"A Positive Life" Quote [#20] from VictorStuff
"Love is Simple" Wallpaper by SonyCY
"Witty Word Art" Poster from M.M.M.
"Roald Dahl" Quote by Kensie Kate

I added some color to this month's B&W batch with these awesome cards! I've always had a passion for signage, word art posters, quotes, and typography... even as a kid. It's something that I'm happy to carry into my crafting! I love using these types of cards in my books. You can find the smaller cards in my SMASH* books and Project Life album... even in my personal Filofax for inspiration. The larger 4x6 cards are perfect for PL, and I'm even using a couple to decorate the dividers in my new A5 Original Filofax. I hope you enjoy the ones I chose to feature this month...

Printables: September | Fun Embellishments
"Pen Pals Postage Stamps" by Sheri McCulley
"Heidi Swapp Flair" by Lorrie Nunemaker
"Flair Badges" by Lorri Nunemaker

I saved my favorite finds of the month for last. Don't you absolutely love these little embellishments?! Because I sure do! The artwork on the pen pal stamps is absolutely adorable. Each one has a different design for a specific country. I'm going to have so much fun with these when I write my next batch of letters :) I think the recipient will enjoy it too! 

And you wouldn't believe how happy I was to find these fabulous flair! I may have been running low on colored-ink, but printing out these little babies didn't take much at all. After each sheet was done, I used my super handy 1" circle punch by EK Success to punch out each piece. I ended up with a ginormous stack of flair! I like to use them as-is to decorate my Filofax, SMASH* book, and Project Life cards, since it doesn't add too much bulk. But you could easily turn these into real flair buttons, or just add some 1" clear epoxy circle stickers for dimension. Have fun with 'em!

Printables: September | A Batch of Yummy Goodness

That's all I have for you :) I really hope you enjoyed this month's printables post and found a few new goodies along the way! Don't forget to browse my other "Printables" posts for more links to other great freebies. And you can find even more fabulous free printables on my "SMASH* & PL" or "Printables/Templates" pinboards on Pinterest! Be sure to follow those boards because I find new stuff daily!

Check back next month for another printables adventure! You can also stay updated on my recent posts, projects, and photos by following me on instagram, or by "liking" my new fan page on Facebook. So why not head over there now and show some love...

Are you obsessed with printables too? What do you use them for? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I had no clue this stuff existed and now I've got my printer running non stop with all these fun freebie goodies!!!!

    1. Hello PrimandParchment :) You are so very welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my post! I have lots of great tips and ways to save money with at-home printing, so be sure to check out my other printables posts too. Enjoy your goodies and be sure to check back this month for more fun stuff!

  2. I LOVE printables too - they're so usefull for a lot of projects :)
    So thank you so much for sharing these - and I'll be sure to check out your other posts too and grab some goodies ;))

    1. I agree, Thanni! They are so versatile. That is what I love about them! You are so very welcome. I'm so happy you enjoyed this post. I'm sure you'll find lots of fabulous goodies in my other posts. Have fun! And thank you for stopping by to share your thoughts with me :-)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you!...........


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