Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Daybook of Love: Weeks 3 - 4

For "The Month of Love", I used a handmade daybook to document each and every day. It's practically bursting at the seams with memories we shared together, as well as things I love. In the end, it turned out fabulous... I love how super chunky it is!

Last month, I posted Days 1 -14 of my February Daily Daybook. And today, I'm so happy to finally share the remaining pages with you! I had so much fun creating this book, and I love flipping through it to see all of my memories from the month right there in one place! Daybooks really are a great way to document everyday life...

Life Documented
Days 15 to 28

Day 15: Chick Flick Marathon
Day 16: Crafty
Day 17: We Love Sundays
Day 18: Sweet Treats
Day 19: My Cameo Named Candy
Day 20: Rainy Day
Day 21: Honu Love
Day 22: Me + You = Love
Day 23: "Currently"
Day 24: Project Life
Day 25 (Part 1): Love Letters
Day 25 (Part 2): My VDay Card 
Day 26: The Greatest Gift
Day 27: Mini Instax Love
Day 28: Words of Wisdom


  1. Very pretty. Love all your word cutouts.

    1. Thank you so much MiMi :) Can you tell I had tons of fun with my new Cameo? It's awesome :D Mahalo for stopping by and showing love!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you so much for stopping by and showing love again :) You are fabulous!


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