Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living Green: Spring Cleaning Preparation

I'm proud to say that I've successfully and inexpensively replaced all of our essential household cleaners with "greener" versions, and 90% of them are homemade! Why do I love homemade supplies? Because I know exactly what is coming into my home. The cleaners I use every day need to be safe! I don't want to expose the people I love most, to toxic and harmful chemicals or fumes when I don't have to. And honestly, I think that everything I'm using is just as good, if not better, as their chemical counterparts. Plus, it's way cheaper in the long run. Also, I feel such a huge sense of accomplishment knowing I made it myself, and extreme happiness knowing that I'm doing everything I possibly can to protect the health & well-being of my family.... and this planet! Because they're worth it!

I have an arsenal of cleaners (that I made myself). In my household, we use homemade laundry soap (powdered), liquid fabric softener, stain remover, tub and shower cleaner, liquid hand soap, drain cleaner (2 simple ingredients), and window cleaner. The only thing I purchase at the moment is an All-Purpose Cleaner (which I know I can easily make myself, not sure why I haven't made the switch yet) by BioKleen , Dish Soap (can't wait to try the homemade version I found!) by Method, and Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Scrubbers (still looking for a replacement for this one).

As a newbie blogger (just a month old), I've only had the chance to write about one recipe which I've been using for 6 months now. [Check out my Laundry Soap DIY.] In the future, I'm planning on sharing the recipes on my list of "Essential Green Cleaners and Supplies" which I think every household should have. They're so easy to make, the ingredients are so versatile, and it's also very inexpensive to replace all of your standard chemical cleaners. And best of all, they're safe!

I'm also excited to share some new recipes I've discovered. I'm looking forward to testing them out and sharing the results with you in future posts! Here's just a peek at a part of my "To-Make" list for the coming sunnier seasons... Cleaning Products [dish soap, Febreze, Goo Gone, foaming handsoap (for my toddler)], Beauty Products [blush, lip balm, body lotion] Health/First Aid/Homeopathic [insect repellent, hand sanitizer, using essential oils], Soy Candles.....

Click here for my ----> Dishwasher Detergent DIY

When it comes to homemade "green" and "natural" products, there are so many things I want to try and make! I'm so glad all of my inspiration is in one place :) My "Earth Mama" pinboard on Pinterest. Creating everything on that board is on my Bucket List; I've already knocked some things off of it! There are so many great ideas! Some are simple and inexpensive enough for a newbie looking to start a small lifestyle change; other pins are a little challenging and require more essential resources and ingredients that an experienced ecofamily may already have in their supply closet. Check it out! I'm sure you'll find something you haven't made or can't wait to try. Follow me too to stay updated.

I'm preparing you for the posts that will be showing up in the coming month. Starting with lots of "green" recipes to stock up your arsenal for spring cleaning! In my next post, I'll be sharing a new recipe I was so excited to try... Dishwasher Detergent. So simple to make and I hope it works well! We'll see... I'll be happy to use it in place of those spendy dishwasher tabs we've been using for years! Be sure to check back often to see what I've else been working on! It's going to be fun getting my hands dirty, or I guess you can say... clean ;)

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