Sunday, October 20, 2013

Filofax: Week 42

Hello lovelies :) Today is Sunday, which means it's time for another Filofax post! Here I'll be sharing my most recent completed pages in my planners. I've had the pleasure of using an A5 along with my Personal Filofax to help organize my life. I've been asked numerous times how I use both FFs together, and by popular demand I'm currently working on an A5 post, where I'll be sharing the inside of my A5 Original and how I use it. So stay tuned! But in the meantime, feel free to see how I use my Personal Domino here, and check out what happened last week in my Filofaxes.

Filofax: Week 42 in My Planners

For a better understanding of the details you see on the pages of my Filofaxes, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of what I use my Personal and A5 planner for. Both follow the same color-coding system. My [personal] Domino holds all of my personal notes, family details, appointments/events, paydays & bills, contacts, as well as notes specific to my A5. For my blog and Project Life planning, crafts, online order tracking, Household stuff [such as chore lists, meal planning, and important financial details], I use my A5. Since my personal Filofax is my everday planner, I duplicate entries from my A5 into it because I like knowing exactly what I have going on in that part of my life.

Filofax: Week 42 in My Personal Domino

I'm so happy I have lots of extra space now that I'm using two planners. And on those days when my everyday book is full of details, I'm incredibly thankful for my A5. This week in my personal Domino was particularly busy! I made a reminder for a Season Premiere of my favorite show using a piece of filmstrip washi tape, and a Get Glue sticker from my collection. I also noted appointments and the happy mail packages I received, along with bills, and online order information. I used a fun Hello Kitty anchor sticker to decorate the day we rode the ferry to visit a friend.

Before starting any week in my Filofax, I always add washi tape to my pages. This week I choose a fun geometric print that I cut into a banner shape, and applied it to the top of my inserts. For the bottom of my pages, I used tape with inspirational sentiments. The colors from both tape work well together. An aqua up&up magnetic clip holds my calendar pages together.

Filofax: Week 42 | Dashboard and Notes

The WO2P Inserts I'm using were created by my girl Cathy V. of Paper Addict. You can download them here. I really enjoy them because they are very spacious and have a Sunday start. I have a Paper Addict dashboard [which I personalized] sitting between my pages, that holds important sticky notes from my week. 

Filofax: Week 42 in My A5 Original

For my A5, I'm using No. 2105-2013 WO1P inserts by Paige Paigen. I'm getting used to having my pages only on one week. I honestly thought I would need more room for all of my notes, but so far it doesn't seem to be a problem. I have more than enough space for my creative planning.

These pages don't get decorated too much besides some neon transparent sticky flags to mark a change in my scheduling, and the usual washi tape. This week I used some yellow striped up&up washi tape on the top, and pink geometric Studio 112 tape on the bottom. Another Paper Addict dashboard sits between my WO1P inserts. A bright yellow up&up magnetic clip holds my pages together.

Filofax: A Sneak Peek at My Current Pages

That's all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed my Filofax post :) Feel free to browse all of my previous layouts here. If you're looking for more planner inspiration, be sure to check out my "Filofax Addict" pinboard on Pinterest.

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Are you a planner addict? Do you have a favorite Filofax? Any questions, comments, or thoughts? I would love to hear them! Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by!

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