Monday, August 12, 2013

Filofax: Week 32

Happy Monday! It was pretty busy this past week here at our house. So I'm incredibly thankful to have my Filo to help keep me organized and sane throughout my everyday life. From planning Project Life and blog posts, to keeping track of personal and family notes, I'm finding it so easy to stay on track with everything. And if I do happen to not get to "something" in my agenda, it's so simple to make adjustments with a sticky note or flag!

Today I'm happy to share my most recent completed week in my pink Domino. But if you missed my first Filofax post, you can find it here. I use a color-coding system because it works for me, even after 10 years. I have specific "subjects" I know I want to keep track of, and I designate a color to each one. As I work in my Filo, I can see exactly what I have going on based on the colors of each entry.

Filofax: Calendar - July

I carry my color coding from my "Month on Two Pages" inserts to my "Week on Two Pages." I don't go into too much detail on my calendar pages. It's where I usually jot down quick little memos, which will later be entered into my weekly section with more detail. The 2013 calendar pages I'm using is No. 6101 from Paige Paigen. I like the layout of the calendar, and it gives me more than enough room to add my notes and decorations.

Filofax: A Handy Magnetic Clip

Immediately following my calendar pages are my weekly inserts. I use this handy (and cute) magnetic clip to hold my completed pages together. I really love it, but it adds some bulk because it's pretty thick. To help slim my planner down some, I only have my completed weekly pages of the current month in it. But I prefer to keep my blank "Week on Two Pages" in my book because I like to plan ahead.

Filofax: Closing Out the Week and Getting Ready for The Next One

Here you can see what my process is at the end of each week. I finish out the details, checking off specific notes, following up with my post-its, etc. I also go through all of the supplies I purchased from the week and organize them. This way, any new stuff I have is ready to be used when planning out the next week.  As I'm working in my Filo during a specific week, I place my handmade dashboard right between my current "Week on Two Pages." It holds blank sticky notes on the front, and written-on stickies on the back side. I added a tab to the top of my dashboard titled "WEEK" so it's easy to locate my current week.

Filofax: Week 32 - Completed
This is Week 32 all filled up. As you can see, I like to personalize my pages. I have to admit, if the pages of my Filo were plain, ugly, and impersonal, I wouldn't use it. I've learned that over the last decade of having personal paper planners. I wanted something different. My pink Domino is so pretty on the outside, so I had to make it beautiful on the inside. With the addition of washi tape, stickers, fun flags & stickies, and my doodles & journaling, I feel I've accomplished exactly what I wanted. And the fact that I've been on top of everything and stuck with it for the last few weeks I've had my Filo, I couldn't be more satisfied.

My "Week on Two Pages" inserts were created by Cathy V. of Paper Addict. You can find the link to that download here. I've known Cathy for a year now, and she's such a huge inspiration. Her creativity is endless and never ceases to amaze me! Browse through her blog to see her work, and stop by her shop to find some fabulous goodies.

I really hope you enjoyed today's Filofax post! If you would like to see more pages from the inside of my Domino, you can find it here. I also created a "Filofax Addict" pinboard on Pinterest to hold all of my inspiration for my Filofax life. Check it out! Most of my personal Filofax photos usually go up on instagram before anywhere else, so be sure to follow me. And now, you can also stay updated with my recent posts and projects by liking my new fan page on Facebook. Why not head over there now and show some love....

Are you a Filofax addict? How to you organize your life? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Thank you for stopping by!

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