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Project Life: Week 29

Happy Wednesday! I don't know about you, but I've been feeling extra productive lately. Mostly in part to my Filofax keeping me organized for my photo-a-day challenges, crafty projects, a blog schedule, details about personal/family life, etc. I really had some catching up to do, so I made sure to dedicate some time to work in my Project Life album. Here are the pages of my most recent layout....

Life Documented
July 14 - July 20

Week 29: Full Spread

Another fabulous week here in the Pacific NW. It was super busy! We drove home from a road trip visiting family in Portland, I found some wonderful "tax-free" scrappy goodies during our trip, my first Filofax and the prize I won came in the mail, I played with my Cameo and neon cardstock, our daughter had a check-up, and we went to the zoo! I used 16 different photos to tell this week's story; mixing up styles, sizes, and placement. I used cool smartphone applications to edit photos and had lots of fun with the cards and embellishments too.

Week 29: Left Page

For the left side I'm using a Hobby Lobby photo page from Week 28. It works great because I had a lot of photos to fill it! I even included a "selfie" on my title card :) All of the 4x6 cards are handmade using cardstock from my stash of paper and pads. I love mixing up different collections and patterns for a fun and eclectic look. 

Week 29: Left Page - Close Up

I really love writing and choose to handwrite on all of my journal cards. Playing around with different fonts and changing my penmanship on the various cards is lots of fun. Picking out the photos for this week was definitely the hardest part. Probably because I'm a photo junkie and have so many photography apps in my Galaxy S3! My favorite ones work with instagram. Although we don't have as many cool photo editing/decorating applications as iPhone, like A Beautiful Mess or Rhonna Designs, there are a few diamonds in the rough in The Play Store. The heart-shaped photo of the Portland signage was created using the app Shape'd for Android.

Week 29: Left Page - Another Close Up

The column of 4x3's is a mix of handmade cards, a MAMBI card, and a Colorbok cut-out. I added wallet-sized instagram photos to the filler cards, and played around with different pens on the journal cards. I used another photo app, called Phonto, to showcase my Filofax. It allows me to add text to any image. Very handy for Project Life. This page is also filled with Cameo cuts, cardstock tags and journaling spots, printable labels, cardstock cutouts, awesome alphabet thickers and stickers, even washi tape.

Week 29: Right Page
Here I used the same Hobby Lobby photo page because I had lots more to share. Again, I mixed up paper collections to create four more 4x6 handmade cards. I added cherished photos of varying sizes and styles, playing around with placement of each one. They totally screamed "Summer!" 

Week 29: Right Page - Close Up

This week called for more journaling, so I used 4x3 journal card cutouts for the details on this page. For the handmade card holding my favorite photo of the week, I added some extra little "fun" details. The photo was created using InstaPlace Pro on Android. [Pro is a paid version.] It uses the "GPS" feature on your smartphone to add cool skins to your photos based on your location. Another app perfect for Project Life! 

Here is another journal card using a white gel pen. These pens work best on dark or black paper, as you can see. It's a simple little detail that looks great. A wallet-sized photo fit perfectly into the 8-sided design of one of my journal cards. I just cut out some notches in the corners and tucked the photo into the slots. 

I played with another photo app called InstaQuote for the ice cream shot that says "So Yummy." It's much like Phonto (allowing you to add text on photos), but with different features. I also used another Shape'd heart photo, but this time I added a cropped #hashtag sentiment.

This week we made our first zoo trip of the season, so I knew I wanted to showcase that day in this layout. I had extra photos and some ephemera, so I created another handmade insert. I first debuted that DIY insert in Week 14, and it has been quite handy since then, giving me the extra room I need for those special moments. 

Week 29: Homemade Insert for Extra Photos and Ephemera
To the insert, I added a souvenir photo (taken in a photobooth), a couple of great shots of us exploring the beloved zoo, a postcard (purchased from the gift shop), and our family's admission ticket. I finished it with a tab titled "Zoo Day," and added the page to my book. 

Week 29: A Map From Zoo Day

I'm so happy I picked up two maps during our trip. There was no way the munchkin would give me hers, so I made sure to grab an extra one for my book. I wasn't quite sure how it would fit in here, but I totally made it work! It's perfect. I kept it folded in half (with the fold on the right), hole punched only the bottom sheet, added hole reinforcements, and sliced an inch or so off of the side of the top sheet. Now the map completely opens with the greatest of ease.

I really love how this spread came together. It looks fabulous! I hope you enjoyed today's post and feel inspired to create something special in your book. I'll be linking up with The Mom Creative, so if you're looking for more Project Life inspiration, stop on by. Want to take a peek into my Project Life album? You can find it here. Need even more inspiration? Check out my "Smash* & PL" pinboard on Pinterest. You'll find hundreds of  links to free printables, DIY's, How-To's, tips, and ideas for everything Project Life.

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Are you a Project Lifer? Have you had to use an add-on insert yet? Any thoughts, questions, or comments about this post? Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Thank you for stopping by!

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