Saturday, August 17, 2013

Printables: August

Hello everyone! It's about that time again. I decided to do something different this month with my Printables post. Every month it has been about the awesome free printables for SMASH* and Project Life. But August is all about Filofax! If you missed last month's Printables post, you can find it here. Curious about at-home printing or looking for tips on producing great printables, and ideas on how to save money doing it? I urge you to read this post. It'll help make the Printables "process" fun, simple, and budget-friendly.

Over the course of a year, I have found hundreds of cards for my Smash* and Project Life collection. Now I need to start building my stash of free printables for my lovely Filofax. The process I used for printing these is a little different than what I would normally do for my PL and Smash* cards. Instead, I used the "normal" printer setting and ran them on regular printer paper rather than the cardstock I designate for printables. Cardstock is just way too thick. I prefer to limit the bulkiness in my planner. Quality-wise, they resemble the stationery paper or memo pads and task lists you would purchase from a store.

This month I scoured the internet for super cute printables I could use in my Domino. Chore charts, task and to-do lists, meal planners, grocery and shopping lists, even a few Filo cards (like the kind I use in my SMASH* book and Project Life album). And after teasing you in yesterday's Filo post with a mention of these babies, I'm excited to finally share them with you...

Top Left ----> "Weekly Dinner Planner"
Top Right ----> "Let's Go Shopping" Grocery List
Bottom Left ----> "Spring Friends" To Do List
Bottom Center ----> "Summer Friends" To Do List
Bottom Right ----> "Let's Get It Done" Chore Charts

These are just a few of the free designs available on the HC blog. All of them are colorful, fun, and totally cute. I played around with different printing sizes, as I enjoy having a fun mix of papers in my Filo.

"Kokeshi Doll Organization Kit" by CreativeMamma
"To Do List" by Squid Bits

You can never have too many checklists. I thought these were a great addition to my collection. I especially love the Kokeshi design, as I have recently changed my charm to a pink Kokeshi doll. The monster to do list is pretty awesome too!

Top ----> "Pigtails" Stationery
Bottom ----> "Cute Little Pigtails" Stationery

This collection is absolutely adorable. I think they're such a fun mix of papers. The larger ones are perfect for lists or diary entries. Punch some holes and add them to your Filo. The small ones are post-it size. Great for jotting down a quick note. Add some washi... instant sticky note! Love these!

"Carry A Filofax" from All Things Stationery
"Love Stationery" by Bubi Au Yeung
"Tell it to My Filofax" by Lime Tree

I carried my love for SMASHing into my Filofax Domino, using these types of cards all throughout it. On my dividers, between the pages of my calendars, anywhere and everywhere. Seeing the different typography each with its own message inspires me. Discovering these Filofax themed cards made them the perfect addition to my collection.  I printed these up like I normally do [using the "Specialty Paper, Best Quality" printer setting] on crisp white cardstock. They are much different than memo sheets or task lists which get written on, thrown away, or archived. They act more as an art piece in my book. So I wanted them to look their best, just like my SMASH* and Project Life printables.

Well that's it for today. I really hope you leave here feeling inspired and find a few new printables along the way. Want to take a peek into my pink Domino? You can find it here. If you are looking for more fun and free SMASH* style printables check out my "SMASH* & PL" or "Printables/Templates" pinboards on Pinterest. I also have a new board up called "Filofax Addict" that holds inspiration for my Filo journey. Feel free to check them out. Be sure to follow me too, as I find new stuff daily!

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Do you use free printables in your Filofax? Found any great sites? I'd love to hear them. Do you print-at-home too? How do you like it? Any comments, questions, or thoughts about this post? Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated!

Mahalo for stopping by!

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