Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIY: Handmade Yarn Wig

Happy Wednesday! I apologize for the little hiatus I took earlier this week. I just needed some time away from my blog and other social media outlets to recharge. Now I'm back and ready to play catch up with my usual blog posts. But today, I have a super fun DIY project for ya!

Last week was the start of the Holiday season with Halloween. I really love that my daughter adores all of the characters that I loved when I was her age. So you can imagine how excited she was when I found a Strawberry Shortcake costume for her. It's such an adorable outfit and I know she'll get more than one day's use of it since she loves to play dress-up, so I didn't mind paying $25- for it. But the one thing I couldn't see myself paying for was the $20 hot pink character wig!

I knew there had to be a better [and cheaper] solution to complete my daughter's Strawberry Shortcake costume. And being the crafty mama that I am, I find pleasure in making things myself. So I wracked my brain for ideas and thought that a ragdoll-like wig would be a great alternative. But how do I start? While scouring the internet for inspiration, I came across this post from A Beautiful Mess. How perfect!

So here is my DIY for a custom, handmade yarn wig....


Yarn: In your choice of color. [30" to 40" strands]
Embroidery Thread: In a complementing color.
Embroidery Needle
Felt Strip: In a complementing color. [8" - 10"x 2"]
Hair Comb [Optional]

*TIPS: The length of yarn I started at was around 40". A great length for an adult, not so much for a 4-year-old. 30" is perfect for a child's wig. For the felt, I used an 8" x 2" strip, which fits my daughter's head perfectly. 10" is a good size for adults.

NOTE: I decided to share my DIY in two-parts: How to Wrap Yarn & Sewing Your Wig. I'll be providing you with easy directions and helpful tips to make the whole process super simple.



  • 30" lengths of yarn produces a 15" wig when sewn in half. Find something around 15" or so to wrap the yarn around. Maybe a 15" length of sturdy cardboard, legs or arms of a chair [my choice], or even a metal baking sheet.
  • Make sure the yarn is nice and taut (but not too tight) when you're wrapping.
  • I found it easier to work in groups.
  • Once you have a decent sized amount of yarn wrapped, grab a set of "loops" on one end, and cut the loops at the opposite end. 
  • Slowly add the batches of yarn to your bundle. This is where the piece of ribbon comes in handy. Tied at the center of the lengths of yarn, it holds the bundle neatly together while you work.


  • Lay your strip of felt vertically on a flat surface.
  • Place your bundle of yarn (still secured with ribbon) horizontally across the strip of felt. Smooth out the strands by finger-combing. Make sure it is nice and centered before untying the ribbon.
  • Arrange the yarn along the strip of felt, creating an even layer of "hair."

  • Starting at the end closest to you, sew a backstitch right down the middle of the felt backing. The stitching acts as the center "part" of the wig. Be sure to make your stitching nice and tight! When you reach the other end, knot it off.

  • This step is where you'll hand sew the hair comb near the front of the wig. It will help secure it to the hair. [I opted out of it since my daughter's costume has a hat. It holds the wig perfectly!]
  • After your wig is done, place it on your [child's] head, and trim or cut to desired style. I cut my daughter's wig into layers, varying the length of sections by 1-2".

NOTE: I was originally going to style this wig with large bouncy curls to mimic Strawberry Shortcake's hairdo, but was unable to do that. I searched the net for ways to easily stiffen yarn but the hairspray option I chose didn't work. I think I'll try the diluted glue tip on the next wig I make. If it worked for you, please let me know!

What I love most about this project is how it was such a simple and inexpensive solution to a costume wig. And being able to customize it for any costume is fabulous! My munchkin is already asking for a red Jessie [from Toy Story] wig for next Halloween ;)

I hope you enjoyed today's post! If you're looking for more crafty fun, be sure to check out my other DIYs! You can stay updated on my recent posts, projects, and photos by following me on instagram, or by "liking" my new fan page on Facebook.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. She looks so adorable! Great tutorial

  2. She's too cute, I wish I had an awesome yarn wig when I was that age! P.S. Now following you, looking forward to seeing more fun DIY posts!

    Xo Courtney Q
    ColorMeCourtney.Com // Dress Outside The Lines

    1. Thanks, Courtney! It was a really fun project for the both of us :) And thank you for the new follow <3


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