Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Life: Hello 2013

I have to admit, that at any given time, I have about 2-3 different books I'm using to "Document Life". There's a journal full of personal thoughts and ideas, a handmade daybook (usually used to document a specific month or season), and a Smash* book (used year-round). I like the idea of having different books. I can choose which one I want to work in, depending on my mood and what I want to document.

We R Memory Keepers Album & Journal Cards and Free Printables

I'm using my journals pretty much as a log, documenting details of specific events, which I will later put into my books. They also hold my ideas and thoughts about my blog. When it comes to my other books, there are some days that I don't mind getting my hands dirty with glue and glitter. So I grab my Daybook or Smash* book to create something. But there are other days where I just want to grab a book, stick in some photos, jot down some details, and be done. That is how I discovered Project Life....

This style of "scrapbooking" naturally appealed to me. I don't know why I didn't start this system sooner. I already had a huge collection of free Project Life printables that I found and used for my Smash* and Daybooks. I also purchased 8 pads of We R Memory Keepers Journal Cards to use in those books. I figured since I already have all of this stuff, and it's the start of a new year, why not buy an album and use all of this awesome stuff as another outlet to put my memories to paper!

So here is the start of my 2013 Project Life Album...

Introduction & January (Page 1)

January was a crazy month for us, and I didn't document or photograph as much as I wanted to. So, my book isn't going to start at Week 1. It will start in January though, but with only one memorable day captured. (Good thing I took a lot of pics of that day!)

A Close-Up of a 6x6 Card I Used Like a Scrapbook Page

January (Page 2)

A Close-Up of Another 6x6 Journal Card

I didn't go into much detail either with the month of February, since I have a whole 28 page Daybook dedicated to documenting the month. I just chose to showcase only Valentine's Day in this album with a family pic and some journaling about our day.

February - Valentine's Day

I'm totally fine with how I'm starting this book. It may not begin at Week 1 and have only snippets of January and February, but I'm okay with that. I'm just happy that I started it! Better late than never, right? From March onward though, it'll be Week to Week. Especially since next month is my Birthday ;-)

One thing I've learned about myself (when it comes to "scrapbooking"), is that if I fall behind in something I sometimes give up. But with Project Life, I don't care if that happens. As long as I'm putting in those memories that are most important to me and my family, I'm happy that I'm including something. I  know that I don't have to document each and every little thing we do, but if I can and I do, that is okay too :) Because I would rather have a book full of some memories...than no memories documented at all.

In future Project Life posts, I'll be going into more detail about my pages and the supplies and processes I used to make them. Are you using Project Life to document your family's memories? What do you think about my book so far? Any thoughts, questions, or comments? Please let me know, I appreciate the feedback!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Smashbook: 100 Things I Love

I was never a scrapbooker. Something about the technicality of it, the things you can and can't do, is very unappealing to me. If I have an urge to create something, I don't want any rules to stop me from making it my best! That is why I love SMASH* Books by K&Company! Smash*ing is the total opposite of scrapbooking. There are no rules... you have the complete freedom to do whatever you want on the pages of your books. You won't find any layout templates, rules for what adhesive or pens to use, or anything telling you what not to do! You may come across some handy tips, but definitely nothing giving you restrictions on how far your creativity can go.

Although SMASH* books are what you can call a "Fad" now, the concept of smash*ing is not something new to me. Starting from childhood, I kept journals (I still have the ones from 1990, when I was about 10 years old), and I didn't just write in them. They were full of photobooth strips, stickers, magazine clippings, paper ephemera from the time, little tags & mementos, family photos, etc. Back then, they didn't have a name for this type of "Art." Now it's called SMASHing! I guess I'm a natural....

I pretty much use my SMASH* books the same way I did when I was 10 :) Except now, my books are full of much more meaningful life experiences... and definitely more creative! I've only been SMASHing for about 6 months, and when I first started I found some wonderful women in a Facebook group called SMASH*aholics. It's amazing how women of all ages, from different cultures all over the world, and from all walks-of-life, can come together in one place to inspire each other and share thoughts and ideas, because we all share the same love....SMASH* books.

Back in October of 2012 I posted a pic of my "100 Things I Love" spread up in group. I wasn't expecting to get such a huge response to it, but I did. To date, it has close to 200 likes and over a hundred comments, and also inspired many other women to create their own rendition of it. I love seeing their creations, and it still amazes me how one "idea" can be interpreted or carried out in totally different ways based on that person's own personal Smash* style.

There were so many requests and questions in SMASH*aholics about this spread. So today, I want to share it with you here. It's one of my favorites because of the simplicity of it. Very few embellishments were needed. The only supplies I used was a pencil and eraser, a black pen, some markers, a few number and alpha stickers, some tiny icon stickers...and my brain. My brain did most of the work trying to figure out how in the world I was going to come up with 100 Things! So, I made a list to help me...

You're going to compile a list that will eventually add up to 100 "Things" You Love. For journaling, you can even give an explanation for each of the things you add to your list. To create it, I started out with a basic writing prompt list I found, and modified it to work for my needs. I also added things that were better suited for me and my style. The end result is what you see below...

  • 15 Activities, Hobbies, Items/Things
  • 15 Characters (Fictional), People, Places
  • 10 Stores, Restaurants
  • 10 Foods
  • 6 Drinks/Beverages
  • 4 Desserts/Sweets
  • 10 Games, Books, Movies, Shows
  • 10 Websites, Blogs, Apps
  • 10 Favorites (Color, Season, Day, Holiday, Music, etc.)
  • 10 Writers, Authors, Directors, Actors, Celebs, Photographers, Artists

*Feel free to make adjustments to my list to better suit you.

TIP: A great way to get you brainstorming is to start out listing things you can't live without and that you absolutely love...then my list should help you from there.

The majority of your time will be spent making your list and figuring out the placement of your "things." I have some OCD habits, so those steps (especially the latter) took me longer than normal. To save me from ruining my pages, I made sure to do everything in pencil first. All of the writing you see on these pages are my own handwritten fonts. Most of the little "icons" are my doodles as well.

Once everything was right where I wanted them, I went over the whole page with my black zig pen/marker, and erased all of the pencil marks. I then colored in the little icons with markers, and used tiny stickers from my Smash* Stash for some of my "favorites". I also used some pink thickers and white alphas in my title.

Now it's your turn to create your version of "100 Things." Don't do exactly as I did, bring a bit of "yourself" into this spread. If you're an artist, show your artsy side. I love handwriting and penmanship. So I naturally went for the different handwritten fonts and doodles.

This was such a fun spread for me. I think I'll be doing it every year in whatever Smashbook I'm working in at the time. I think it really helps you get to know yourself better. But most importantly, it makes you appreciate life for all of the little things too.

I hope you leave here feeling inspired to add something like this to your pages.

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Are you a SMASHer? Thinking about joining SMASH*aholics on Facebook? Tell them I sent you! What do you think of this spread? Did you make pages like this with the help of my list? I would love to see it! Are you a blogger that used my list and posted about your "100 Things" pages? Please credit me and link me up. I can't wait to read about it! Any questions, thoughts, or comments? Please let me know. Your feedback is always welcome and much appreciated.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daybook of Love: Weeks 1 - 2

It's been about a week since my last post. During that time, I've been super busy with different projects. I can't wait to share them with you! I'm especially happy to finally be all caught up in the February Daily Daybook that I made! I promised to share them here on my blog. But instead of bombarding you with my pages all at once, I'll just be doing two posts of the inside of this book. At the end of the month, I'll share the last two weeks. (You can now find Days 15 - 28 here.)

Life Documented
Days 1 to 14:

Title Page - 14 Years of Love
Day 1: Then & Now
Day 2: Family Fun Day (Part 1)
Day 2: Family Fun Day (Part 2)
Day 3: 14 Years of Love Songs
Day 4: A New Favorite
Day 5: Welcome to My Blog
Day 6: 10 Things I Love About You
Day 7: Happy Mail
Day 8: A Moment in Time
Day 9: Hauls
Day 10: 14 Years of Memories
Day 11: Miss Kiani
Day 12: I <3 Being A Girl
Day 13: Love is Everywhere
Day 14: VDay (Part 1)
Day 14: VDay (Part 2)

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What do you think of my daybook so far? Are you documenting life too? Any questions or comments? Feel free to drop me a line... Feedback is always welcome!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY: Alcohol Ink Sprays

Since I've been making my own Glimmer Mists for a long time, I thought I would take a crack at making my own Alcohol Ink. I do love Glimmer Mists. They provide a subtle, glimmery eyeshadow effect of color to the background of my pages. But I also want sprays that are more vibrant, colorful, and fun! Alcohol Ink was my answer :)

I was first inspired by this pin that I posted on my "Smash & PL" pinboard half a year ago. The blog shows you how to make Alcohol Ink using Kool-Aid. I don't keep Kool-Aid in our house, but I saw that she also talked about making it with acrylic paint for the color base. She didn't give instructions on how to do it this way, so I just went on my own to experiment. I've made glimmer mists, and this was much easier, only a 2-step process.


  • Acrylic Paint in Various Colors - I used Eco-Friendly Paint by EcoGreen Crafts
  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol: 70% or 91%: Found in the First Aid Section of Any Store 
  • Mini Spritzer Bottles - Find them in the Health and Beauty Dept of your local Target/Walmart. (Look for the Travel section that has all of the little, travel-sized samples of shampoo, body wash, etc.)
Making alcohol ink is an easy 2-step process. But you will need to make adjustments to the paint and alcohol depending on how vivid you want the color. 

Start by filling an empty spritzer bottle with your desired color. Fill it to where it at least covers the bottom of the bottle. Next, add the alcohol, filling the bottle only halfway. Cover the opening of the bottle with your finger, and shake it up real good.  

At this point, you will add more paint and/or alcohol. If you want more color, add more paint. If you are satisfied with the color the way it is, add more alcohol. But do not overfill! You need to leave enough room in the bottle to shake it and mix it up.

When you aren't using your sprays, the paint will settle to the bottom of the bottle. Don't worry. Just remember to always give them a few good shakes before using. Feel free to test them out by spraying on a piece of paper. Make adjustments from there. Just remember to leave some room in your bottle.

TIP: You may discover that your sprayers may clog when you let them sit unused. No problem. Just detach the little spray cap and run it under hot water. If it's still clogged, let the cap sit in a cup of hot water for a while. If your sprayer is still being stubborn, unscrew the nozzle and place the straw (with attached nozzle) into the cup of hot water. Spray into the sink as you normally would. Keep spraying until the water is clear and the spritzer is misting as it should be.

There you go! Wasn't that easy!? Now you can experiment with new colors and replace all of your sprays with your own homemade collection. Doing that will be so easy; it cost me less than $3- to make just one bottle of alcohol ink! You will save even more money if you use acrylic paint and alcohol you already have on hand.

  • Acrylic Paint - $.99/each - EcoGreen Crafts (Purchased from Tuesday Morning)  
  • Isopropyl Alcohol 91% - Less Than $2.00 - Up&Up (Target)
  • Mini Spray Bottles - $.97/each - Up&Up (Target)

Be sure to check me out later this week. I'll be sharing my DIY for Homemade Glimmer Mists! I just ran out of my favorite color and need to restock.

[You can now find my Glimmer Mist DIY here.]

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Do you make your own craft/scrappy supplies? I would love to hear your tips and recipes! Do you have any questions or comments about this post? Please let me know, feedback is always welcome! 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Green Crafts

Over the weekend, I decided to do some crafty supply shopping while out with my family. I stopped by one of my favorite places to stock up, my local Tuesday Morning store. I always find different kinds of things while I'm there. I didn't even see these (sitting on the endcap of the scrapbook aisle) coming into the store, I walked right passed it. But thankfully I spotted the display while leaving!

Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paint, Recycled Rubber Art Stamps, Assortment of Eco-Friendly Dye & Pigment Ink
by EcoGreen Crafts

I'm so incredibly happy to find these amazing supplies... I just had to share it with you! It really is the best timing, because I wanted to pick up some new paints to make Alcohol Ink.

I think it's fabulous that something I love, like Art & Crafting, can live hand-in-hand with Eco-Friendly and Green Living. This brand really is a perfect fit for me! I will be sure to keep you posted of any future projects using these supplies. I'm anxious to see how well they work. Now that I mention it, be sure to check out my next post! I use a few of these acrylic paint tubes to make some Homemade Alcohol Ink Sprays. (Find my Alcohol Ink DIY here.) 

  • Recycled Rubber Art Stamps by EcoGreen Crafts: $3.99/each
  • Eco-Friendly Acrylic Paint by EcoGreen Crafts: $.99/each
  • Eco-Friendly Dye & Pigment Ink by EcoGreen Crafts: $.99

Are you a fan of "Green" Craft Supplies? Find anything crafty-cool at your local Tuesday Morning store? Feel free to drop me a line. Questions, comments, and feedback is always welcome.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Green Clean: Laundry Detergent DIY

Earlier this week, I talked about my MYO (Make-Your-Own) recipe for laundry soap. My last batch just ran out, so today is the perfect day to make more and show you how. I found the original recipe on pinterest, which lead me to this post from That recipe inspired me to create my own using the same ingredients, but modified to a much smaller batch which is better suited for my family. (We just don't have room to store a huge 10 gallon bucket, like Jen's family can.)

I've said it before, and I will say it again. I never thought I would be making-my-own of anything, especially when it came to cleaners. I always thought that purchasing those green cleaners was my only option. I also thought that making it myself, was more trouble than it's worth. I couldn't have been more wrong. Getting rid of those chemical cleaners, and replacing them with my homemade "green" versions, was the easiest thing I've ever done for the health and well-being of my family.

Sure... it takes a lot of effort to gather supplies, go shopping for the essential ingredients, and make and bottle it yourself. But believe me, it's all worth it. 1.) You know all the ingredients of products coming into your family's home. 2.) You can easily modify a recipe and make adjustments to suit your needs at that very moment. 3.) Purchasing those "Basic & Essential Green Ingredients" to get you started, may seem like a lot upfront, but they are so versatile in Green Cleaning. (i.e. A big bottle of vinegar can be used in Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener, EcoFriendly Drain Cleaner, and Window Cleaner. A dry ingredient like Baking Soda has many uses too.)

So if you want to "green" your family in a small way, how about trying the following recipe? A small and easy step towards a "greener" life...


  • Half a Bar of Zote or Fels-Naptha Soap - Finely Grated
  • 2 1/3 Cups Borax
  • 1 1/2 Cups OxiClean
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda *Not Pictured
  • 1 3/4 Cups Purex Crystals - Provides Fragrance & A Softener
  • 2 Cups Washing Soda

  • Container to Store your Backstock of Soap -- I Reused an Old Soap Container
  • Smaller Container for Easy Everyday Access -- I Reused a PUREX Crystals Container (Bonus: It has lines on the purple cap that measures Tablespoons.)
  • Cheese Grater -- Preferably with a Small Grate (Mine allows me to grate the bar of soap to a powder.)
  • Funnel
  • Measuring Cup
  • Large Mixing Bowl & Spoon
The hardest and most time-consuming part is definitely grating the bar of Fels Naptha or Zote soap. So that is going to be the first thing you want to do. Through trial and error, I learned that you want to grate the soap as finely as possible. The larger the pieces of Fels-Naptha (or Zote), the harder it will be to dissolve in the wash (although, I never really had a problem). It's also gonna be a pain when you are trying to dispense the soap into the little cup. (Large pieces clog the hole on the PUREX container's dispenser.)

Once that part is done, add the rest of the ingredients directly to the grated soap. Give it all a good mix. From that point, I place the funnel directly onto the spout of my old laundry container, scoop up the mix from the bowl using the measuring cup, and funnel everything into the large container. *For easy cleanup, I would recommend doing it over the kitchen sink.

I went ahead and added the recipe directly to the old container for easy reference. The recipe can also be doubled or tripled to fill the container completely. (This container is considered my backstock.) When full, it lasts me about 4-5 months. And I keep it in the laundry room. Easy storage.

I go the extra step and reuse a PUREX Crystals container for my everyday storage. It easily dispenses the soap and has handy Tablespoon markings on the purple cap. (Middle line marks 2 Tbs.) Remember, this recipe is concentrated. You only need 1-2 Tablespoons per load! That's right...Only 1-2! Some may not believe it, but this soap really works. It doesn't suds up like normal soap does, and that may be the biggest shock to you. But just because it doesn't get sudsy, doesn't mean it will not clean your clothes. In my opinion, this soap surpasses all of the name brand liquid laundry soap our family has ever used.

This bottle (when full) usually gets me a little more than 40 loads. And I have about 3/4 of the large container still full. My family of 3 goes through a batch of this soap every 4 months or so. I used to buy laundry soap every month!

It's so very cool.... that I actually made it myself, that the ingredients I purchased to make it myself cost less than a bottle of regular laundry soap, and that I have ingredients left over from that initial purchase to make another batch of soap in a few more months when I need to restock!

*If you're looking for more "green" ideas, you can now refer to my Fabric Softener DIY (the perfect companion to this laundry soap recipe) or my Dishwasher Detergent DIY. If you are still feeling inspired to create more natural products, be sure to check out my "Earth Mama" pinboard on Pinterest. It's full of all sorts of ideas, recipes, inspiration, and other DIYs for everything from health and beauty products to more green cleaning essentials.

I hope you enjoyed my post and feel inspired to try this recipe for yourself. I would love to hear what you think about it! Also, please feel free to leave me any thoughts, questions, or comments about anything I've talked about in today's post.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Handmade: A Lovely Daybook

One of my favorite things in the world  is the creation of something handmade.... and made of paper. Let it be regular books for reading, the fun and fabulous pages of a Smash* book, or a card that says hello. If it's made of paper, and cute or pretty, I love it! I know there are many people out there like me who share this same "addiction" ;) There is just something special about paper, with all of it's endless potential, handmade into something beautiful, like a book.

I've been making my own Daybooks for almost 6 months now. [I provided a link for anyone curious about what a Daybook is. It's coming from the blog of my gorgeous Smashaholic* sister, Cathy Vee. She does fabulous things with paper! And she is THE Paper Addict, after all. Check out her Shop.] Being a Smash*er has allowed me to meet some wonderful people, and it's the reason I got into Daybooking.... Well that and the girls from my group, Smash*aholics. They are enablers ;-)

I'll be going over the process I use to make my Daybooks in a later post. Today I'm just focusing on introducing the "Lovely" February Daily Daybook I made to celebrate The Month of Love. This is a special book that I had so much fun putting together. I'm using it to document our 14th Valentine Month together. But there's been so much going on with the blog and life in general,  that I've fallen behind on my days. After I get these pics up, I have lots of catching up to do....

What do you guys think of it? This is actually the first daybook I made for myself that has a Kraft cardstock cover with a transparency. All of my personal handmade books have covers made from fun file folders. (Check them out here.) Funny thing about all of my Valentine supplies is that I ordered this stuff months before even thinking about using it for Valentine's Day. My stash of supplies is always chocked full of "Love." It's one of my favorite subjects that I use year-round. So it just made sense to dig through my whole stash and add whatever I could find that would work with my new stuff.

Supplies Used:

8.5x11" Kraft Cardstock - The Cover
Half of a 12x12 Fancy Pants Transparency
Homemade Glimmer Mist in Pink
A Variety of Pretty Patterned Paper
Jillybean Soup Twine - Pink/White
Pink Chipboard Thickers and Tiny Alphas
Dymo Label Maker
Heidi Swapp Roller Date Stamp
Various Embellishments
Grosgrain Ribbon
Free Printables

Figuring out how I wanted to layout my cover is always the hardest thing about my books. I designed this one, keeping in mind that transparencies are see through. I had to figure out a clever, but cute way to cover both sides of that sheet. I've added more details to the cover since this pic was taken, and I love the way it turned out!

Be sure to check back this weekend to see the progress I've made in my book. Planning on showing you the inside if I get caught up!

[You can now see Days 1 to 14 of my Feb. Daybook here.]

Here is a glimpse of some of the Free Printables and Supplies I'll be using to document this month. Quite the collection....

*You can find all of those fun Printables on either My "Smash* & PL" or "Printables/Templates" Pinboards on Pinterest.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's Easy Being Green

I've been eco-conscious as long as I can remember. As a child, I never threw anything away (not a packrat, but more of a keeper of mementos and sentimental items), and I also loved to re-purpose or reuse things. My semi "green" parents introduced me to organic and natural at a very early age. And believe me, they are far from Hippies ;)

So it doesn't surprise me at all, that as an adult with a family of my own, I've leaned toward a greener lifestyle. We do everything we can to leave this earth a better place for the future of our daughter and the generations that follow. I do my best to spread awareness, and I know that even just the littlest changes we make in our lives, will have a huge impact on our children's future.

Our family is far from being 100% "Green". We don't live off the grid, drive a Hybrid car, or live in an Eco-home that we designed. We are just an average, middle-class, ethnic American family, doing what we can to save our planet.

Here are some of the little things we do, that any family can easily incorporate into their lives:

-Buy Organic, Natural, and Earth Friendly
-Reduce What Goes into Landfills by Recycling & Reusing
-Thrifting, and Buying New Items Made From Recycled Content
-Green Cleaning, Switching to CFL Bulbs
-Ditch the Plastic Bags for Reusable Shopping Bags
-Give The Car a Break by Carpooling to Work, Taking Public Transportation, or Walking
All of these things will make a difference, and they aren't drastic lifestyle changes at all. Start with just a few things, and you'll see how easy it will be to do more. Can you imagine what the future would be like if every family committed to just changing one thing now to better our world later?

When it comes to cleaning my home, chemical cleaners are no where to be found. Why anyone would choose to expose their family to all of those toxic fumes is still very puzzling to me. In the beginning, I used to always purchase the earthy-friendly, green stuff. But I noticed they were always more expensive! Nowadays, "Being Green" isn't such a new concept, and there are quite a few affordable "green" choices when it comes to buying cleaners. But making my own was something I never thought I would do... It always seemed like more trouble than it was worth. Boy, was I wrong! This is coming from a Mommy who completely rid her house of all chemical cleaners and replaced only the essentials with homemade versions :)

Before the weekend is over, I'll be showing you how I make my own laundry soap! Yes, you heard me right! It's super simple to make, and I literally just ran out! [Find my Laundry Soap Recipe here.] You will use less soap without sacrificing cleanliness, save money by making it in large batches, and be totally amazed at how well it stands up to, if not surpasses, the conventional chemical detergents we all know.

Do you have a "green" family? What small changes have you made to your lifestyle? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome to My Blog!

This is my first ever blog and I am sitting here wondering what in the world am I getting myself into?! Blogging is definitely something that I've wanted to get into for a long time. But I am very much learning the ropes, so please bear with me ;) From the actual designing of my blog (it totally reminds me of when I used to have a myspace;), to figuring out what I want to share with you. It'll be exciting tasks that I'm actually looking forward to. It's going to be a fun process, and I'm sure when I get the hang of this, it's all going to be worth it.

I hope the many people I met in life, who told me that I should start a blog, find me here and like what I've come up with. I'm really excited to add pieces of my life to my own little plot of space right here in blogger world. And in the process, I hope to meet many wonderful people who also share my passions.

Through this blog I'm hoping to:

  • Showcase My Own Crafty Creations, DIY Projects, Pinspiration Pieces and Any Other Fun Things I'm Working On
  • Inspire Creativity and Share Thoughts and Ideas
  • Spread Knowledge and Awareness about My Culture and Heritage Through Personal Life Experiences
  • Offer Tips and Advice I've Learned about Homemaking, Organization, Parenting, Relationships, Family, Beauty, Fashion, Arts & Crafts, and Life...
  • Share Reviews and Information About Fun Things I've Purchased or Discovered.
  • Pretty Much Updates about All of Life's Journeys ^_^. 
  • Meet Other People Who Share The Same Interests
You will more than likely read posts going on in all parts of my busy, everyday life. From my experiences of parenting a toddler, to my loving relationship of 14 years and everything in between... I hope you leave my blog with new found knowledge, inspiration, or even just a smile.

Thank you for stopping by!

Much Aloha.


P.S. If there is anyone else out there who's also a newbie in regards to blogging, or you're an experienced blogger, and have any useful information or friendly advice, please feel free to drop me a line :)

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